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Bridging Cultures, Building Opportunities

Ingage coordinates with international partners who provide ongoing support to local communities lacking access to training resources. Our partners identify specific community needs and Ingage teams plan targeted trainings to meet those needs. Our training model is based on the most effective practices in education.



Potter’s House

Potter’s House is a Christ-centered organization founded by two Guatemalans who were inspired to take action through their experiences working with the extreme poverty found in Guatemala City’s trash dump. For 30 years they have been walking alongside poor individuals, families, and communities to develop long-term relationships and community centers that we work to build together. Unlike organizations that simply address economic or physical poverty, Potter’s House seeks to deliver five holistic development programs through our community centers: Family Development, Education, Health and Nutrition, Micro-Enterprise and Community Development. From physical to spiritual to mental transformation, they want to empower the poor across Guatemala to make significant changes in their own lives and their communities.


Dominican Republic

Del Camino Connection

Del Camino Connection cultivates healthy partnerships within the global church, strengthening and releasing the gifts of the Body of Christ in order to serve the common good. They do this through church-to-church partnerships, global networks, and kingdom investment opportunities.

Research suggests that relational connectedness is key to catalyzing change. Del Camino Connection cultivates healthy global relationships through networks of churches rooted in friendship, mutuality, and shared participation, all of which are foundational to Christian community.

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Impacto Cristiano

impacto Cristiano is a church that serves as a community and outreach center for the youth and children in Chiclayo, Peru. By providing a safe alternative to joining gangs and repeating the cycle of violence prevalent in the area, the leaders are transforming the community. Counseling services, children’s programs, leadership development opportunities and camps focusing on sports, theater and music are just some of the ways Impact Cristiano serves the young people and families. Through the love and support they demonstrate many lives have been changed.


Egypt and Jordan

We Partner

We partner comes alongside nonprofit, charitable, and religious groups around the world who have a vision for positive change and development in their local communities. It’s all about helping to bring this vision to life onsite, using skills in business, technology, and community development. WePartner does this by building a global volunteer network that leverages the skill sets of professionals who share a passion for serving. In the past decade, WePartner has completed 17 IT infrastructure, event management, CRM implementation and leadership development projects.



Light of Hope

Throughout the developing world, a girl may suffer from a litany of injustices that arise out of gender inequality. Child marriage, denial of education, gender-based violence – they limit her choices and trap her in the cycle of poverty.

That’s why LOH is committed to empowering Kenyan girls and, in doing so, contributing to the global effort to end intergenerational poverty.

By providing care, shelter, counseling, and education to the orphaned, abandoned, abused, and neglected Kenyan girls, they are .  More importantly, we instill in them the belief that they have value, foster confidence in their leadership abilities, and give them the tools they need to reach their fullest potential.


Costa Rica

Concilio de Pastores

A few years ago, tired of facing the increasing violence and destruction within their beloved Purral community, this group of dedicated pastors decided to join together to transform their neighborhood in San Jose, Costa Rica. To combat the culture of gangs and abuse that was destroying families and enveloping the youth, they banded together to provide job training, family counseling, tutoring, and daycare for local residents. After combating the challenges as individual churches alone for years, the leaders now value the relationships they share and the common vision that is daily changing lives and providing hope for the future.