Margie McAndrew Lake Zurich, IL

This trip reinforced for me that the world is full of people trying to make positive differences for others in need. Our partners in Peru are a group of highly dedicated people who are working very hard to make a positive changes in their local community. Through education, they hope to make an even bigger difference for individuals and families. Additionally, this experience took me out of my comfort zone and helped me to see where I could grow personally.


Chris Pappas Lake Zurich, IL

Wonderful experience. I did not realize the impact the team in Peru would have on me, that I would get from them, more than they received from me. Realize now that I need to focus on the more important things in life - friends, love, relationships, compassion, God - and not get distracted by all the "noise". Despite different circumstances, we are all human and that is what binds us together.


Michele Giovannelli Arlington Heights, IL

This team to the Dominican Republic in June/July 2016 exceeded my expectations in every way. I was amazed by the depths of the partnerships forged between Dominican teachers and American teachers in such a short time;transcending differences in culture, language, and circumstances. We were united by our common passion for supporting and empowering children and it was with that mission that we spent the days learning from and growing with each other. I cannot wait to be a part of another experience like this again. It was truly transformative.

cindy with kids peru.JPG

Cindy Malin Lake Zurich, IL

The team was a wonderful experience. I was especially impacted by the grace and hospitality of our friends in Peru.  The most beneficial part of the pre-trip training  was learning as a group the importance of walking alongside our friends in Peru. From day one we acted as partners - as equals, as friends - and I think that made all the difference in terms of developing positive relationships right from the start.


Georgia Nelson Palatine, IL

My amazing experience in the Dominican Republic made clear that whether it's people, places or cultures- there are always many layers; and it's easy to get fixated on the layers that cover the heart of anyone or anywhere instead of what's beneath. After peeling away the layers of poverty, circumstance, and history- there beats the vibrant heart of dedicated and heroic teachers and...friends.



I felt I was a citizen of the world by having the opportunity to share and discuss best practices with schools and churches in another part of the world.

The Costa Rica team experience was one of the most fulfilling things that I have done recently in my life!


Nancy Kontney Palatine, IL

While presenting coaching workshops in Egypt, I am certain I have learned more from the fun loving people I have met there than they have learned from me!!!  Egypt is a beautiful country filled with delightful individuals who are hungry to learn how to better serve others. The energy in the room is not only contagious but so heartfelt.  As we struggle and stretch together to think about ourselves and our calling, we have created a bond within our friendships that allows us to be passionate, trustworthy and VERY verbal about what matters in our lives. I can't wait to return to Cairo and Alexandria as we continue this journey together!


Ilona Solymossy Chicago, IL

As I sit in my classroom, preparing for another great year, I find myself missing the exceptional tutors, teachers, and leaders from the Dominican Republic and Guatemala I was fortunate enough to meet on the two INGAGE trips I went on this summer. These trips were life changing.My attitude and outlook about everyday occurrences has been refreshed and revitalized. The love, passion and commitment the educators from the DR and Guatemala City possess is beyond remarkable. I am so lucky to have met these strong and ambitious men and women who do everything within their power to provide a chance for change and hope for the children in their communities. I will always have a piece of them in my heart!  I look forward to the next trip!

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Brook Barlow Elgin, IL

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Mary Gibson Barrington, IL

The Ingage team arrived in Jordan in late June to provide Training and Leadership Development to about 60 educators and other professionals.  The welcome we got from the Jordanian people, the Partner, the teachers and staff, was overwhelming.  They immediately embraced us, engaged and eager to learn.  It became evident that we had much more in common than we anticipated.   In addition, we had the privilege of participating in a church service and food distribution to several hundred Syrian refugees. The way the Jordanian’s talk to and serve each other is so loving and joyful that it is contagious. The memories of their faces, our time together and the impact of the overall experience will last a lifetime.  As you often hear and is so very true:  I got so much more than I could ever give!  I am touched to the core and inspired to serve others with the same grace, happiness and love.  I am thankful for this opportunity that Ingage provided and encourage you to get involved.

Costa rica add.JPG

Sarah Dowdy Barrington,IL

Ingage was wonderful experience. I was so thankful to be part of an amazing Costa Rica team that worked so well together. Our connection transferred to the classrooms; students, teachers, and administrators. I think that everyone learned and grew because our common passion for supporting students and staff. The gratitude, thanks, and love that was in the room was palpable (tears were flowing). The community touched my heart in such a special way. I will remember this experience as a highlight in my life and I can't wait to continue!


April Jordan Evanston, IL

We bonded as a team and made some nice connections to our Costa Rican colleagues. It was helpful to reflect on all of the similarities among us as educators. Social styles training was amazing! It helped us to understand Ourselves and one another. This gave us a common language to address behaviors or emotions we were experiencing at different times. We were also able to do it with humor and a lightheartedness. The small group sessions with leadership/program goals were great! I really got an understanding from a personal and professional level of what our roles entailed. We were able to discuss priorities and setting a plan of action that would involve the staff.