corporate sponsors

Sustainable Social Responsibility


Corporations recognize that education is the key to sustained community improvement. Employees want to be part of a corporate culture that is invested in giving back. By partnering with INGAGE Unlimited, your organization can provide opportunities for team building within your own work culture and fulfill social responsibility goals worldwide.

Through their donations, our corporate sponsors invest in the educational training INGAGE provides globally as well as supporting our local fundraising events.

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Crist|Kolder Associates offers our clients unobstructed access to the most qualified "C" level and Board of Director candidates in the world. Our work is intimate, focused, and purposeful. Most importantly, we are never encumbered by "off-limits" issues, the inability to reach candidates because of conflicts with another client. We know the most qualified executive talent available, and we have the assessment capabilities and experience to ensure the best fit for your company.


motivation excellence

By leveraging relevant communications, data discovery, effective program management, and an ongoing cycle of analytics and insight, incentive programs can be innovative and inspired while remaining cost-efficient. With Motivation Excellence, not only will you end up with the best incentive solution for your business, you’ll quantitatively see the issues that are critical to your business’ performance – and where your attention (and incentives) should be.